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Diwali celebration is the time when watching the calories is simply not possible. But measures will ensure that you feast and not feel guilty about it

PDC Health Moderation is the key to good health.

Rich, greasy foods, sweets, and other fried snacks should be enjoyed in small amounts.

It is also important to set a limit and keep yourself free from unhealthy activities to celebrate the festival without compromising on your health.

We offer you a few tips for a healthy and fun-filled Diwali long weekend Eat healthy Many people equate festivals with fatty foods. Though some amount of indulgence is permitted, try to limit the bingeing bit. You could replace the rich, ghee-laden sweets and other fried pieces of stuff with healthier alternatives like fruits and low-calorie sweets.

Stay hydrated The after-effects of heavy eating can lead to several health problems. One effective way to avoid is to keep ourselves hydrated as it is considered the best and effective tip to cleanse waste materials from the body and helps satiate your hunger pangs.

Avoid artificial sweets Avoid eating artificial sweeteners. Using chemical preservatives in sweets could be hazardous to health. Make this Diwali Festival healthy by opting for sweets that are made from sugar or jaggery.

Have plenty of salads for the period of festive foods This ensures that the cravings for fatty fried meals are satiated and it is effortless to hinder these harmful fats wealthy foods easily. Add recent fruits and veggies to make newer varieties of salads and add to the nutritive worth of the meal.

Limit alcohol intake Excessive alcohol is not only a social evil but can give you a hangover and make you look tired. So, avoid alcohol during the celebration and instead opt for some fresh fruit juices and soups.

Cut down on crackers Though this might be difficult for some people to say ‘ No’ to crackers it is better to cut down on the number of crackers as it will lead to lesser air and sound pollution.

Keep a first aid kit handy It is a good idea to keep a first aid kit handy on Diwali Celebrations. There are chances of accidents while bursting crackers. Hence, it is recommended to keep a first aid kit that includes inhalers, eye drops, and creams to treat burns.

Wear earplugs and masks It is recommended to wear earplugs during this festival as the bustling sound of crackers might damage eardrums in some people and Also rationale multiplied coronary heart expense in old persons and those with cardiac problems. And those people who have lung problems like COPD or asthma are advised to use masks especially while going out.

Exercise regularly Exercise daily by at least walking 30 min a day and stay fit to enjoy a happy and safe Diwali festival.

Feasting during festive times Diwali is the time when watching the calories is simply not possible. But measures will ensure that you feast and not feel guilty about it Fit during festivals Any weight- loss plan will go for a toss if you are surrounded with good food and company. A few quick reasonable tips will go down well with bingeing like:

1 Keep up your regular exercise routine. It will leave you feeling fresh and clear your digestive system post bouts of overeating.

2 Indulge in homemade mithai’s full of dry fruits. Nuts like almonds, pistachio and cashews are a good source of amino acids, minerals, and phytonutrients.

3 Replacing sugar with stevia or any other sugar substitute, ghee with olive oil or fat- free cream, is not really a healthier alternative.The culprit in blood sugar regulation is the late- night eating.

4 If you are up till late, help yourself to a cup of milk with a handful of dry fruits, with a pinch of haldi and sonth( dried ginger). This drink will ensure that you don’t feel bloated the next morning.

5 Stick to a health Diwali menu like a simple spread comprising homemade mithai, one freshly fried item, one sabzi, one dal, some roti, and rice served in your finest cutlery over a leisurely sit- down dinner.

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