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For all its beauty and benefits, monsoon brings with it plenty of diseases. We list out the diseases and preventive measures to keep them at bay in this wet weather.

AFTER the sultry summers, the rainy season is highly awaited. But for all its soothing nature, monsoon is also the breeding season for many disease spreading germs. The good news is that most of these are preventable and can be dealt with at home with doctor’s guidance. However, some will require proper medical attention, otherwise, they can turn fatal.


In recent years, Dengue has emerged as the scariest of diseases to raise its ugly head in the monsoons. Caused by tiger mosquito’s the symptoms are high fever, low platelet count, rashes, hyper sensitivity amongst other things. wings clean. Preventive measures Preventive measures Using mosquito repellents and insect repellent plants like citronella is a good idea to prevent this mosquito from entering your work station or home. Wearing clothes that cover your entire body will also be useful. Don’t let water accumulate near your house or workplace.


This is majority caused by mosquitoes born in stagnated water like plants, utensils, water pipes etc. It is transmitted through the bite of anaerobes albopictus mosquito. Joint pains and fever are two most common symptoms of chikungunya. Preventive measures Clearing out surfaces or containers with stagnant water is a must. Also, use insect repellent for prevention from chikungunya.


Caused by female anopheles mosquito, Malaria breeds in water-logged areas. This is probably the reason that it is a common ailment during monsoon. Fever, shivers, muscle pain and weakness are the most prominent symptoms of malaria. Preventive measures clean the water tank on your apartment as a rule and keep your surroundings easy.


It is mainly caused due to the consumption of unhygienic foods and water. They are of two types acute and chronic. Heed to grandma’s words—don’t eat out during the rains. Home cooked meals and consuming boiled water is the best way to prevent this disease.


Again, a water borne disease, it is commonly caused due to poor sanitation. Typhi bacteria is what causes typhoid. Fever, headache, weakness, pain and sore throat are some symptoms of typhoid.

Preventive measures

Wash your hands thoroughly before consuming meals. Also, refrain from consuming street food in the rains. Drinking healthy fl uids will help your immunity to grow and help in the prevention of typhoid.

Viral fever

These are most common during monsoons. Severe fever, cold and cough are some common symptoms which may last from 3-7 days.

Preventive measures

Eat home-cooked food and drink boiled water. Also, keep away from getting drenched. It’s a good idea to consult your doctor before diagnosing anything.


known as Weil’s syndrome signs, leptospirosis is induced via coming involved with dirty water. The customary symptoms of this are inflammation, shivers, muscle soreness, headache and deadly fewer.

Preventive measures

Cover your cuts or bruises before stepping out to avoid getting this disease.


Consumption of contaminated drinkable water and meals is the main cause for the unfold of this sickness. Weak point, yellow Cloured urine, yellowing of eyes change in eye looklike, vomiting and liver dysfunction are the signs of jaundice and will have to be appeared out for right away.

Preventive measures

Drinking boiled water and sticking to home cooked food is the best way to prevent this virus.

Stomach infections

There are several stomach related infections that one has to deal with in the monsoons like
vomiting, diarrhoea and stomach pain. Gastroenteritis is another common stomach infection caused during this time. The biggest reason for catching this infection is consuming poorly handled food and liquid products. Therefore, it is stressed upon to only consume boiled water, home
cooked food and drinking enough healthy liquids.

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