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Festive seasons often leads to increased intake of sweets and high- calorie food. Guilt-ridden, people force themselves into jolting exercise regimes to get in shape and often end up with injuries. This is because our body is not accustomed to these sudden changes. Dr. Arvind Yadav, a leading healthcare specialist, says, “ Lifestyle modifications should be incorporated and followed meticulously that includes healthy eating, exercising, and sleeping 7 to 8 hours a day. An abrupt shift from sedentary life is not advisable. He adds, “ Rigorous exercises required for fat- loss are not feasible for everyone as with age, the metabolic level drops, making fat- loss difficult.” Without proper guidance, one worsens their existing health conditions like joint or back pain. If that was not enough, there are certain tough spots which are very difficult to target like double- chin, love handles, fat area, buttocks, and inner and outer thighs.

Dr. Arvind Yadav holds multiple degrees in Pathology along with two gold medals that mark her expertise in the field. He has been recently awarded as the iconic fitness advisor and best performing pathological test doctor on a Pan India level. At the state- of- the- art clinic, he guides her clients / Patient to achieve their healthiest self. He provides body contouring solutions along with other Health tips and non- invasive procedures such as fat burn, and fat reduction, body shape and more. Equipped with approved technology that makes the safety and health of her clients / Patient the top priority, he has become a pioneering figure in fat reduction and body contouring techniques; hers is the only clinic in Navi Mumbai India that operates painless device which primarily targets inch and fat loss. In 3 to 4 sessions conducted between a short span, clients can lose up to 3 to 6 Kgs. Not only is the procedure pain- free, it also doesn’t have a downtime. Along with this extraordinary device, He also operates Diagnostics and various other body performance evaluation devices.

Dr. Arvind Yadav emphasizes to her clients that although these procedures provide immediate results, they shouldn’t see them as an alternative to avoid healthy living. For this reason, she takes a holistic approach to weight loss. He believes giving her clients / Patient a head- start into fitness is the best way to begin their journey towards a healthy lifestyle and well-toned body.

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