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Stress is known to cause sickness involving both the body and the mind. We tell you some of its ill-effects and ways to manage it…

Stress is a condition that can disable the body’s immune system and make us susceptible to different ailments. There are several types of illnesses caused by stress contains both the body and the mind. Here are some of the health problems and diseases that may be related to your body’s battle with stress.


Worry, anxiety or uncertainty about the future are chief causes of stress which can make people lose sleep over. Some people worry about their jobs, while others are concerned over family issues or health problems. These can interrupt or delay sleep.

Cure: To combat sleeplessness caused by stress, try drinking a glass of milk before bedtime. Avoid caffeine and try not to think about stress-related problems when going to bed.

Eating disorders

Thousands of people react to stress by reaching for sweets or carbohydrate-laden foods for a quick sugar rush. This may cause further health problems like upset stomach, diabetes, etc.

Cure: Instant gratification can be damaging in the long run. If you want to eat to feel good, stick to crisp veggies or light butter popcorn.

Depression Sadness, unresolved stress, anger, hopelessness can all lead to depression. Feeling lonely, struggling with guilt or shame can also make you feel depressed.

Cure: A doctor should be able to diagnose the source of the stress-related depression and prescribe appropriate treatment.

Colds and viruses

Research suggests that people who are stressed often have immune systems that are not functioning properly. Stronger Immune System Proteins are vital for the body in building a stronger immune system. A self-defense system body mechanism which is avoided and prevent no types of infection and causes. The specific substance in proteins available to find out antigens and also deactivating it.

Cure: Be sure to get plenty of rest, eat healthily and avoid worrying. Haven’t you heard of the ‘High on protein, low on carbs’ health mantra lately? Here’s telling you all about it…To say that protein is an important component of every organ of our body is to state the obvious. From hair and nails made of protein, it is the component that builds and repairs our tissues. No wonder, we see athletes and bodybuilders consuming extra protein to bulk up. But the message the rest of us often get is that we’re eating too much protein.

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