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Dry fruits and nuts are snacks known for their nutritional value. Not just good in taste, they are also extremely beneficial for health. They are used in desserts, in milk and even eaten as it is. nuts and dry fruits are rich in nutrients like vitamin e, protein, carbs, healthy fats, fibre, minerals, phosphorus, selenium, magnesium etc.

There are several benefits of eating them like:

Aids digestion

As nuts and dry fruits are rich in fibre, they help in improving the digestive system and also solves the problem of indigestion. it helps in the better bowel movement.

Aids weight loss

The fibre reward in the nuts helps to make you feel satiated for a very long time and does not lead to the production of ghrelin hormone which is accountable for regulating starvation in your physique and makes you eat more.

Aids health of the heart

Studies have proven that consumption of nuts helps to protect the body from various diseases like reducing the bad cholesterol level in the body and helps the blood vessel to function properly.

Rich in antioxidants

As dry fruits contain a good amount of antioxidants which help to control the free radicals in your body, they protect the immune system from various diseases.

The Nut case

Different dry fruits and nuts are known to give several health bene- fits to your body like:


Almonds consumed as part of a low- calorie food regimen may just support weight reduction and cut down blood pressure in individuals who’re obese or chubby. They may also help lower the rise in blood sugar that happens after a meal. infact, almonds have been shown to reduce inflammation in people with type 2 diabetes.


Like almonds, pistachios may improve cholesterol levels. They may also help to improve other heart disease risk factors, including blood pressure, weight and oxidative status.


Walnuts contains the most Omega- 3 fatty acids which fights inflammation. They also contain a good amount of antioxidants. Besides this, they’re also high in manganese, which can reduce PMS symptoms. Several studies have found that eating walnuts significantly reduced total cholesterol. rich in B- vitamins and antioxidants, they also delay and help prevent wrinkles and other signs of ageing. Additional, the presence of biotin helps to fortify hair and reduces hair fall. Walnuts are additionally recognized to be invaluable for mind wellness.


Cashews are good for the improved blood pressure in people with metabolic syndrome. A study has showed that a diet rich in cashews reduced blood pressure and increased levels of “ good” HDL cholesterol.


Dates are iron- rich dried fruit. This wholesome and nourishing delight can be savoured in any form, be it dessert or as a snack as well. They are an excellent source of iron and hence extremely beneficial for people suffering from Anemia.

Being naturally high in sugars similar to glucose, fructose and sucrose, dates can give an immediate enhance of energy. It is usually used for breaking fasts when you consider that it helps to revitalise the physique immediately.

The fibre content material present in dates helps to advertise digestion and in addition relieves constipation. It’s a excellent home comfort to keep constipation at bay. Ripe dates are also rich in Potassium which has been proven to control diarrhea.


The dried variation of the attractive orange fruit is filled with antioxidants and just right to your dermis too. Loaded with the goodness of vitamin A, apricots would support in enhancement of imaginative and prescient. Instead of this, it also helps keep the immune system in investigate.

Additionally they have anti- cancer residences and inhibit cancerous growths. Apricots are a just right supply of iron so regular consumption helps to avert the development of anemia. Apricots aid in retaining healthful bones because of their high calcium and potassium content.

Nuts are bite- size nutritional powerhouses packed with heart healthy fats, protein, vitamins, and minerals.

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