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 Some of the foremost common skin problems seen visaged by most people square measure skin disease, pimple, blemishes, sunburns, etc. instead of searching for ready-made solutions to those problems, it’s invariably safer to use natural ingredients. during this method, you’re avoiding the buildup of tons of chemicals in your body so making certain your overall health within the long-term.

The remedies to most of the skin problems square measure right at our home. the actual fact is that we tend to square measure unaware of its advantages. Here square measure some natural and cheap ingredients that you simply will use to treat a number of your common skin problems.

Let us see what they’re and the way to use them in healing your skin.

Aloe Vera

It is thought-about because the only healing ingredient. burn plant will do wonders on your skin once it involves skin disease scars, pimples, sunburns, dry skin and different skin infections. The antioxidants in burn plant facilitate in rejuvenating the skin. you’ll be able to take a contemporary burn plant leaf and scoop out the gel from it to directly apply it on the skin. try this often to envision the consequences.


Neem is that the most vital ingredient utilized in ayurvedic beauty treatments. it’s anti-inflammatory drug, antifungal and medication properties that create it the simplest to treat many skin connected problems. aside from the skin, neem tree additionally helps in treating nail plant and ringworms.

You can boil some neem tree leaves in water and use it for your bathtub or simply on your face to stay skin problems treed and maintain a healthy skin.

Coconut Oil

 The anti-fungal, medication, antiviral and inhibitor properties of oil facilitate in removing dead skin cells, shield the skin from sunburns and different inflammations on the skin. It will facilitate in treating blemishes, skin disease and symptom scars similarly. simply apply some drops of oil on the affected areas. you’ll be able to additionally use oil to massage on your skin to form it sleek and soft.

Apple vinegar

Apple vinegar helps in soothing the skin and acquire eliminate skin disease thanks to its anti-fungal and anti inflammatory properties. Whenever you apply apple vinegar on skin check that that you simply don’t apply it directly. invariably dilute it in ample quantity of water to use it to your skin. you’ll be able to either use a plant disease to use it solely on the affected areas or the whole face.


Honey is taken into account because the best natural moisturiser. It additionally possesses anti-microbial properties which will facilitate in soothing burns and healing wounds. check that that you simply solely use raw honey on your skin. simply take some drops of honey and rub it between your hands. Apply this on your skin and gently massage in a very circular motion. look ahead to ten minutes and wash it off with heat water.

Another way to use honey on the skin is to combine it with hydrogen carbonate. combine each the ingredients and scrub it gently on your skin. this may facilitate in removing the dead skin cells and creating he skin brighter. look ahead to quarter-hour and later rinse it off in traditional water.

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