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Rains are a good respite from the sweat and grime, but also time to take care of the skin and hair which is prone to damage. We help you with some beauty tips to look your best in the damp weather.

RAINS are a wonderful mood enhancer. From bearing the scorching heat to eventually breathing in the fresh smell of wet earth, it is a definite soother to one’s frenzied nerves. But monsoons are also the time when our beauty regimes need to be taken care of to step out with our best smile and charm intact.

Besides regular exercises that will help to keep the body healthy and fit, care should be taken to avoid dampness to avoid infections. Hence it is advisable to wear light loose clothes and keep the skin dry.


First and foremost, it is necessary to make sure you’re looking at your diet:

1. All the vegetables and fruits must be washed to clear the worms and germs thriving on them.

2. Get enough iron and protein in your diet. These important ingredients in our diet are superfoods for glowing skin and lustrous hair. This can be derived from fish oils, a generic multivitamin with iron. A hair strength stop breakage biotin a powerful super resources.

3. Eat wholesome meals which include good fats because they are pivotal in repairing damaged skin and also retaining moisture.

4. Freshly cooked food is the safest. Salads can be blanched in warm water to disinfect them as there is a greater possibility of germs developing on uncooked foods and salads during monsoon which should be avoided.

5. Spices like ginger, garlic, pepper, and coriander should be added in the diet to help in improving the immunity system and to assist in digestion.

Hair care tips

1. It has been observed that the humidity in the monsoon creates itchiness on the scalp. To counter this, a warm oil massage could help a great deal, especially with coconut oil. If there is dandruff in the scalp, massage with neem oil.

2. Avoid the hair from getting sopping wet in rain, but it does happen it’s fine to shampoo the hair as soon as feasible after which dry them.

3. Hair coloring must be avoided during the rainy season.

4. Try the hairstyles that are more natural in look than elaborate ones.

5. Avoid blow driers and try to dry hair with a towel to retain the moisture.

6. It is also recommended to not use an anti-dandruff shampoo on a regular basis–once a week in areas with high humidity or dryness, and once a month for cold climate regions is good enough.

Skin care regime

1. Don’t shower with steaming hot water as this could make the skin capillaries weak and cause skin damage.

2. It is essential to cleanse your skin gently and in a relaxed manner. If it is done in a hurried manner or not done adequately, it could lead to the bacterial invasion which then triggers breakouts.

3. Don’t forget a regular facial to keep your skin pores clean of dead cells.

Feet care

1. Let your feet breathe. Wearing closed footwear could make your feet sweat and lead to fungal and bacterial infections. This could result in smelly feet which are also prone to infections. It is advisable to wear waterproof footwear like sandals and floaters.

2. Make sure to go for a regular pedicure. Check that all the tools are disinfected so as to avoid any infections.

3. Always wash your legs after coming for outdoors. Pat dry and powder with talcum or itch-free powder to keep them looking great.

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