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A workshop on upside down exercises helped us understand the importance of balance in fitness.

The only exercise we manage every day is the walk from our desk to the coffee machine. Muscle strength is a constant source of worry. This makes us the perfect candidate to try Upside Down, a beginner salt handstand workshop, aimed at helping one understand the importance of Heads Up.

Will we be able to do a handstand or a headstand by the end of this? is the first question that comes to mind. The final result, we say, depends on the fitness levels of each individual. But with a little help, chances are we will be able to achieve a headstand. This, however, should be our motto is Get a Heads Up.

So we step into our session with a positive attitude and hopes of turning our world upside down, literally. Encouraging yourself from the minute we start. If you can walk on your legs, you can walk on your hands too. It all about muscle memory, core strength and improving your balance. Weight is a concern, nor is age, Check videos of children as young as six, having a ball during Heads Up, Kids do get embarrassed, which is why they learn faster and never give up.

Let start with the warm-up and core activation poses. Engaging one’s muscles is crucial as these poses we will assist you to complete the upside down exercises without injury. These also help focus the mind. The body needs to accustomed to the shift of the center of gravity and third set of poses in the process help aid this. You can check it’s definitely working as you are conscious of your wrong posture and can feel the blood rushing to our plans and a tug in your torso. Once done, Take a deep breath and go topsy-turvy.

First, start with on the wall inverted frog pose. The warm-up exercises come into play now. as they form the core of all the poses. You may be struggling with the first pose; You wrists and elbows can take the pressure, but due to very poor core strength (weak torso muscles) You find it difficult to push both your legs against the wall. You can encourage yourself in every attempt to manage to complete the pose. You can start working in areas that need working on.

You feel pumped, and with trainer help, You manage to do a headstand against a wall. You don’t do so well with next poses – regular headstand and back walker. You can feel your heart beat with full gusto. Once your wrist gives up, you get into a cool down mood. After the session, you are closer to reaching your toes.

Engaged your muscles you realize that it’s still not late to look after each muscle, and even simple exercises that don’t need any gym equipment can help you find balance in life. Next, you try the reverse handstand. By now you become little familiar with certain unused muscles and see a little improvement. You manage to put both your feet against the wall, for a second. You can feel the blood rushing to your face and head. You constantly keep reminding yourself that the aim is to keep calm and find your balance, and not do a handstand. By this time, you are set to attempt the handstand.

Benefits of going upside down

1) Improved balance, upper body, and core.
2) Relief from cervical pain and shoulder fitness.
3) Increased brain activity that helps with problem-solving skills.
4) Better skin thanks to the rush of blood.
5) Mood enhancer.

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