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Don’t ruin your fun with an injury or illness during the festive season. Some health tips could help to avoid a dampener on the festival excitement.

PDC Health Diagnostics Advice During festive occasions, we all love to look good, feel good and have the time of our lives. At such times, don’t let some silly lifestyle traits get the better of your well-being and spoil the fun. Here are a few tips on how to take care of your health during the festival season to get the most out of it.

Anxiety Take a deep breath and tell yourself that festivals are for family bonding and fun not a workathon. Don’t try to do too many things to look perfect. Anxiety could play on your mental and physical health.

Take help from family to do some advance preparation for festivals and save you from some last minute glitches.

Dehydration Dehydration is common thanks to all the running around, cleaning, shopping and partying. This can also cause dizziness, headaches and loss of energy. Combat dehydration by drinking enough water. Sunscreen and a sun hat are also essential on hot days.

Lack of sleep Chronic lack of sleep can lower your immune system, make you cranky and, if you suffer from anxiety, increase the likelihood of a panic attack. Try not to keep long hours preparing for the festivities. Get enough rest and your body will thank you by making you glow inside out.

Infections Out at public places during dandiya or for other festivities, you may have to use the public toilets. That could be the place where you’re most likely to pick up diarrhea and vomit- inducing germs in the first place. To avoid this, wash your hands whenever possible, carry lots of tissues and toilet paper and bring a supply of anti- bacterial gel and wipes.

Alcohol effect One is more likely to drink more than usual when socializing with family and friends during festivals.

It is important to know how much to consume to not lose control and your senses. You could behave inappropriately and even fall sick which could slow down your energy for the next day. Stop when you have reached your limits.

Panic attacks Between huge crowds, the likelihood of getting lost and the abundance of drink and drugs, festivals are a prime location for a panic attack. Symptoms of a panic attack include a rush of fear and anxiety, heightened heart rate, sweating and trembling. If you need help, head to the medical center and explain what you’re experiencing.

Hearing loss If you’re close to the stage, be aware that music volumes can reach pretty high decibels. Hearing loss and tinnitus can be triggered by these noise levels, so protect your ears.

Take breaks from standing too close to the speakers and invest in some decent earplugs which will reduce its volume.

Treat blister and sprains Got a blister from dancing all night? Take care to cleaned, cover and heal it as soon as possible. Have a spray at hand for sprained ankles and legs.

Avoid Junk food The temptation to binge is high during festivals. With special foods prepared during this period which is generally rich, greasy and sweet, there is a tendency to over- eat. Its a good idea to watch your food size and eat some nutritious food which will keep your energy and immune system levels up by eating foods high in vitamins B and C. Fruit and vegetable juice or smoothies is an easy way to get a nutrient fix.

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