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2017 was the also year of trends. Believe on keto trail or Bollywood stars or sports personalities giving up sugar, 2017 saw it all at many health shows highlight. What’s even better was that some old school theories re-emerged and we all learned that a temporary weight loss regime is not a permanent one. Here’s what 2018 had in store for us, health-wise:

KETO DIET: With comedians like Tanmay Bhatt losing a whopping 110 kgs, keto only became everyone’s favorite. A diet which is pretty old in its invention, keto became extremely popular in 2017. A diet which allows you to savour cheese more than roti is worth the effort, right?

SUGAR DETOX OVER CARB DETOX: With starlets like Bipasha and Shilpa starting the #nosugarchallenge, many learned the biggest barrier to their weight loss journey was processed and refined sugar and not carbs. The white sin often hidden in processed food items was the highlight of this year. Many proved successful stories of better that sugar was a better option than leaving carbs. It is sensational weight lost trick throughout the year.

ONE BOWL MEAL: Meal in a bowl is easy and saves the effort of trying to finish up a plate full of food. It limits your food intake and also makes you conscious of your portion size. A trend which came in from Japanese and Chinese states, it spread like wildfire amongst many. It will also go to trends in 2018.

RAINBOW FOOD: Eating foods in different colors not only pleases the eye but also your tongue. The added benefit of this is that colorful food is filled with antioxidants and hence helps you to stay healthy. Rainbow food definitely made its mark next year as well!

COUPLE’S WORKOUT: An age-old idea, couple’s workout seemed to get more popular in 2017. With many couples taking to Instagram to show off their skills with their partners, this workout showcased its strength this year. Couples workout continue to create it’s magic in 2018 as well.

RECIPE VIDEOS: Not that this was new, but with the West upping their food game, the trend of recipe videos only grew in the country. Not only delicious, fat-laden food but healthy quick recipes for individuals living away from home played its trick and got everyone addicted! A digital age people missing their family taking advantage of healthy recipe videos and benefits.

MEDITERRANEAN DIET: Another diet which became widespread in 2017, the Mediterranean diet is full of fruits and veggies to load up your plate. Many diets became popular simply due to the fact that the countries that followed them had a comparatively healthier population. For example, from Japan, we took the bowl in a meal idea. The M-diet is common in the middle-eastern countries. The trend followed from middle east countries followed for the next year 2018.

MINDFUL BODY TRANSFORMATIONS: The best trend so far. With crash diets making their way out of everybody’s mind, we have finally understood that weight gain or weight loss or maintenance is a prolonged effort. We need to give our body time in order to transform it permanently. With many celebrities advocating the same and being vocal about it, many ultimately understood the meaning of permanent lifestyle change. It is the challenge as well kept new year resolution of many people for the upcoming year 2017 body transformations.

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