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As we know that body has 75% water element. Drink water before you start your run and required the quantity of water as per recommended standard to keep your body mechanism cool throughout the session.

Start your day with Green tea is a big natural source of the fluoride, It is a combination with its anti-bacterial effects provides a great natural way to help strengthen, body, your teeth, prevent cavities and help reduce a bad breath.

Research Studies have shown that basil leaves are significant anti-stress agents, Protech you against stress. 12 Leaves in a day Even healthy persons can chew 12 leaves of basil, twice a day, to prevent stress and Way to the healthy lifestyle choice.

Trouble sleeping in summers? Cumin powder a wonder ingredient mixed with mashed banana taken or consumed at night is one of the finest resource remedies to beat insomnia.

Women are more prone to stress and pressure as compared to men and this, in turn, leads to various health issues. Work on basic relaxation and breathing techniques whenever you can – even while performing your regular chores.

To see any form of measurable changes in your fitness levels, you should continue your workout and fitness program for a minimum of 12-13 weeks.

Eating carbs don’t make you fat. Carbs contain less than half the calories of fat and tend to be more filling – making you less likely to overeat.

More sweating doesn’t mean you burnt more calories. It’s body’s natural process to regulate your body temperature.

It’s best to stretch right after a workout when the body is still warm. It maximizes joint flexibility.

Never have green tea right after your meal as it restricts nutrition absorption.

Have garlic on empty stomach every morning with water. It flushes cholesterol and helps regulate weight gain.

Women can do weight training without the fear of building heavy muscles. They have less muscle tissue and the body produces lower levels of testosterone in comparison to men.

Always consume soaked almonds. The brown peel of almonds blocks nutrient absorption.

Health hacks you can swear by Giving your skin a fresh start every day. Skin: Your skin is in repair and replenishes mode during the night time. It’s always important to ensure that before you let your skin rest at night, you give it a chance to breathe. Using 1-2 drops of a serum with argan oil ensures you wake up to supple, radiant skin.

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