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Why wouldn’t the drink that literally keeps us alive be on the list, and that too on the top? Water is not only important for our digestion but also necessary for the absorption of vitamins B and C. It helps in the detoxification of the body and is a very important component of the blood as well.


Not only is the healthy coconut water a good alternative to sports drink, it also has natural electrolytes to replenish the lost fluid in your body after a long workout.  Coconut Water also has high magnesium content. The best part is the refreshing ‘naariyal paani’ is so good to taste.


That bright red pomegranate juice is great for your body. It does not only prevent inflammation but also fights against prostate cancer, heart disease and lung cancer as well. One thing you need to ensure is that you are drinking pure juice and not diluted with sugar content in it.


 It is the healthiest hot beverage in the world. Unsweetened green tea is very healthy and fights against many diseases. It speeds up your metabolism, protects your skin against UVB ray damage, reduces inflammation and keeps your teeth and gums healthy. Why wouldn’t you drink on cup a day


A glass of fresh orange juice is great for your body. The best way to soothe those seasonal allergies is by drinking a glass of orange juice. It not only contains vitamin C but also quercetin, both of which are great for fighting against seasonal allergies.