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Finally, the party season is over with welcoming the new year. it marks the beginning of a new year towards becoming healthy and fit. New Year Lifestyle hacks to greet your body in perfect shape.

What are your resolutions towards your body this year? if not decided yet, we are here to give you a few realistic solutions which can be followed easily and is sustainable throughout your life. Simple core program for healthy hacks and lifestyle.

Instead of going for unrealistic health goals which are difficult to follow or maintain in the long run, this year try to commit yourself for some easy to follow resolutions suiting your lifestyle.

Start with … Choose a Lifestyle diet: Rebooting your diet is the best way to achieve your goal. Cut down slowly. First reduce the salty snacks, sweets, and alcohol. This will reduce your initial bloat post the party season. Start your day with a good breakfast that is a combination of carbs, protein, and fat.

The in-between snacks: if the gap between your breakfast and lunch is long, go for easy digesting food like fruit, nuts or buttermilk.

The evening is the best time to opt for snacks that is a combination of carbs and protein like sprouts, egg on toast or poha with peanuts. Stay light and healthy with selective options mentioned in the above line.

Find a way to work out: Start with a realistic goal of working out for at least 30 minutes a day, five times a week should be your goal. Start with whatever you like from walking, swimming, strength training, yoga or play a sport. Remember any workout is better than no workout. Treat your body like a temple and go for a workout at least five days.

Find the right Nutrition Consultant Friend: Today internet has become the new health consultant and people are following it blindly. But one diet does not fit all. Diets are always custom made as per your lifestyle or your health condition. So, it’s important to get an appointment fixed with a nutrition and fitness consultant for a proper diet and workout plan.

There are various ways to achieve a healthy and fit body. Start with small steps– eating mindfully, joining a gym or by taking less stress. Stress management inner art every human being always having inside.

Find what motivates you and start this year by gifting yourself a healthy body. So, whether your goal is to lose weight, to become strong or to simply lower your cholesterol or blood pressure you have to make a start today.

Remember “EAT FOR THE BODY YOU WANT, NOT FOR THE BODY YOU HAVE” Follow him on Instagram @ PDCHealth or visit website www.pdchealth.com Arvind Yadav is a Mumbai based Pathology expert who has helped many people to achieve their goal by becoming healthy and fit. Here are her simple tips for this New Year.

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