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With Decibel Levels rising every day, it is important to take ear care seriously Here’s knowing how.

Imagine a slient world without the sounds of your loved ones or it’s surroundings? Unimaginable isn’t it? So instead of taking this God-gift for granted, it is better to take care of the hearing power, because once it is lost, it,s gone for good.
Taking action is important because untreated hearing loss has been linked to other health concerns like depression, dementia, and hearth disease.

We suggest some easy ways to protect your ears and hearing health like:

Turn the volume down

According to the World Health Organization, 1.1 billion teenagers and young adults worldwide are at risk for noise -inducted hearing loss from unsafe use of audio devices.

Any loud song, not just track played via headphones, presents a risk for noise-brought about hearing loss. So, keep the music at a volume when you are listening to your favorite brand of music or holding a social function.
Even if you are using the headphones or earbuds, check that the music is not too loud. According to research, music on headphones should not be more than 60% volume for no more than 60 minutes a day.

Rest Your Ears

Often our ears are exposed to loud noises like at a concert or by fire crackers. At such times, your head start to spin and your ears ache. The immediate solution would be to step away from the scene in order to let your ears rest for a while. According to a study, ears need an average of 16 hours of quiet to recover from one loud night out. Need we say more?

Stop Digging Out Wax from Ears

Using cotton swabs to clean wax out of the ear canal is common but not advisable. People are also seen inserting safety pins and other pointed things which can be extremely damaging for the sensitive ear-drums. The ears are self cleaning organs, and wax stop dust and other harmful particles from entering the canal.

if you have access wax, That you can clean across the canal with a damp towel-gently. You might also use ear wax elimination resolution over the direction of some nights. This softens the wax so that it will eventually go with the flow out on its own. The high-quality resolution is consistently to seek a reliable opinion and care when feasible.

Consult a doctor for medications

There are medications non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs which can times contribute to hearing. It is therefore advisable medications with your consult fore consuming them as affect your hearing ability. Also it is recommended that annual hearing healthcare consultant for a hearing problems. That way, you’ll be more recognize signs of hearing take a action as soon as you can.

Keep Your Ears Dry

Excess moisture is the ground for bacteria to attack the ear canal. Most cause ear infections. Athletic swimmers should be try gently towel dry the ears when bathing or swimming. You can also ensure that ears stay dry and healthy ears protection stuffs tom fit swimmers earplugs which block water from entering the ear canal.

Exercise and stress management

Stress and anxiety have been linked to the both temporary and permanent ear damage. Cardio exercises like walking, running, or cycling gets the blood pumping to all parts of your body, including the ears. This helps the ears internal parts stay healthy and working to their maximum potential.

Article Source Mid Day E paper

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