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Everyone is aware of the diseased thyroid. But only the particular individual who is suffering or might have suffered knows how it feels when one undergoes from the disorder. No doubt but it is a very unpleasant and uncomfortable aura. The thyroid is a butterfly shaped gland situated in the neck. It produces hormones which are fundamental for metabolism and other brain activities. When the thyroid fails to function properly then it might affect your health which may lead and host to other serious problem at future.

Research has found that 42 millions of Indian people have diagnosed with thyroid among which 60 percent are women. That means 22 percent of people in India is suffering from thyroid and most surprisingly many of them are not aware of their own illness. The Even doctor further suggest that women over 50 years should conduct. thyroid test twice at every one year. When our body fail to produce enough thyroid then it may lead to hypothyroidism, this will later slow down your metabolism and one might feel weak, lethargic or stagnant. Being your well-wisher we present you our article regarding thyroid’s manifestation and syndrome. We are recommending you to visit your nearest nursing home or hospice in case if you experience any following signs.

One may suffer from various energy complications due to stress and busy schedule which might disturb our sleeping routine. But if you notice that you are completely dragging yourself forcefully or with the help of coffee or tea than there is a possibility that you are diagnosed with thyroid. Also if you tend to sleep more than 9 hours and still feel sleepy then you should immediately visit your nearest clinic.

Do you know your thyroid gland controls your bowel? It also plays a role to keep your digestive track running. But on another hand due to an overactive thyroid, one can experience bowel which is more than natural, i.e very frequent. If you feel so then you must get yourself checked by a doctor.

If someone is facing more frequent hair fall more than usual then we doubt unfortunately one might have a thyroid. Thinning of hair on the eyebrow sides are most common signs which should not be ignored. When the thyroid hormones are imbalanced then the hair break down at once.

If you are facing Irregular periods, too heavy or too longer flow then might be the thyroid is not producing the proper amount of hormones or if you are experiencing light flow and for short period then thyroid is producing too many hormones. Patients who miscarry at the early stage of pregnancy without any complications or if one is facing problems while conceiving with no family infertility then the patient should get a thyroid test.

Due to the overactive and less active production of hormones, it affects our metabolism. If you see a sudden change without any diet or workout like unexpectedly the jean which never fit you, on a fine day you noticed that you got to fit into it or maybe the shirt which was perfectly suited you doesn’t fit you anymore. It has been seen that patient might eat a lot but still not gaining weight instead they are losing.

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