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One will get lots and lots of clinical pathology lab in the market. You can say that the market is totally congested by the pathologic clinics every now and then. One must be very particular about which clinic they choose for the pathologic services. On another hand, one also has to make sure that the clinic should maintain a good hygiene around if not then it might lead to several infections. No one wants to take any chance when it comes to their health. So in order to that, one should be indeed very choosy regarding any related matter.
Keeping that in consideration we present you the top 5 best diagnostic pathologies.

Pratima diagnostic center ( PDC Health ) is one of the finest exceptional and praiseworthy diagnostic center established in 1997. PDC Health itself is a brand which is phenomenal for providing pathological services all around have Navi Mumbai. It gives supply like digital x-ray, portable x-ray, ECG etc with a high range of top class machine used for the program with upgraded and more enhance way. Each and every test conducted by the nurse or the doctors are well experienced under the head doctor Mr. Arvind Yadav who has experienced in the field for more than 20 years. Considering the fact of sanitation and sterility many useful measures has been taken in order to boost and promote the hygiene among the center and worker itself.

LOCATION : sector 2 a, Airoli Navi Mumbai.
SERVICE PROVIDED: x-ray center, blood test home visit, pathology service at home, ECG testing labs, x-ray testing service at home, thyroid testing lab, blood testing center, urine testing lab, DNA lab testing, semen testing center.
PDC services are cheaper as compared to another clinic, mostly all another clinic charge INR 600/- for thyroid test were as PDC is charging INR 500/- for their patients.

LOCATION : sector 8, Airoli Navi Mumbai.
SERVICES PROVIDED: Pathology lab, diagnostic center, sonography service, clinic x-ray and imagining, blood testing services.

LOCATION : sector 4, Airoli Navi Mumbai.
SERVICES PROVIDED: pathological lab, x-ray, blood testing center.

LOCATION : sector 15, Airoli Navi Mumbai.
SERVICES PROVIDED: pathology lab, blood testing center.

LOCATION: sector 6 Airoli Navi Mumbai
SERVICES PROVIDED: 24 hr diagnostic center, pathology labs, sonography center, x-ray center, blood testing center, 24 hr pathology lab, computerized diagnostic center, computerized pathology lab.

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