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Post meal walks improve digestion, speeds up metabolism and offers other health benefits too. Read on…

A feeling of heaviness is a constant complaint about people who slouch on the couch right after dinner or spend hours sitting. Small post-meal walks can help speed up the digestion and give relief to this problem.

Helps in digestion and weight control

Post meal walk eases the movement of food through our digestive system. It activates gastric enzymes and juices for food assimilation process and digests food quicker and better. And, getting the food digested well is as important as eating healthy.

The post-dinner walk also improves the metabolism which helps in burning more calories. Faster the metabolism, more calories are burnt which also keeps the weight under control.

Checks blood sugar and bad cholesterol Regularly

After meal walks help with controlling triglyceride concentration and helps to prevent the build-up of bad cholesterol, keeping your heart healthy. It also controls and lowers blood sugar level. Normally, Always noticed after eating meals, blood glucose level shoots up in an hour. But when we walk and take action just after the meal, A source of energy in the blood which is glucose gets consumed. So, even after the digestive system releases glucose in the blood, glucose levels do not shoot up suddenly and it will under control after the walk. For Human being diagnosed with critical types of diabetes, this is a good and simple way to control the glucose rise or prevention is better than cure.

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More health benefits

Walking post- meals also improves the blood circulation and keeps you healthy overall. People who do this also have fewer stress levels as walking produces endorphins which help to fight stress and pain. Moderate walks after dinner improve the blood circulation. Also, the fresh air makes one feel rejuvenated. With a refreshed and stress-free mind and a lighter stomach, it is easier to fall asleep.

With better digestion, most of the stomach issues are under control. With most stomach-related problems such as Irritable Bowl Syndrome, acidity, heartburn under control; the well-being of a person improves greatly.

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