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Enjoy the cool winters with a few simple skin and hair care techniques that will make you look hot and happening…

Wear a healthy wonderful winter look!

The winters have set their first foot in. But it should not be a deterrent for a beautiful you. Don’t let dry skin and hair rob you of your natural glow. A few basic tips will make it possible for you to glow and confidently let your hair down while you take in the cool climes. Here’s how:

Skin care

Moisturising is the buzz word for skin care in winters. Besides moisturising, some basic knowledge on skin care is a must.

Mild baths

Winter is the time when your skin tends to get dry. A lukewarm bath should be preferred to a hot bath. Also make sure to use a mild non- drying soap or a moisturizing soap which will not rob your skin of its natural moisturisers.


Dry epidermis can have an opposed effect on the skin. At the same time having a shower, get into the habit of exfoliating with a loofah as a way to do away with layers of lifeless dermis and make method for brand new healthy skin cells.


Choose a good moisturizer to keep the skin moisturized and soft. You could also use natural moisturizers like olive oil, coconut oil, shea butter, cocoa butter, avocado oil, sweet almond oil, and vitamin E oil. Pay certain concentration to the exposed ingredients ( and essentially the most affected areas) like your fingers, nails, toes and lips. Maintain them good moisturized consistently. Use a lip balm to hold your lips delicate and supple.


Sunscreen is not just for summers. It must be part of your everyday movements during the 12 months and specially in the course of the winters.

A good diet

Taking diet E and omega- three fatty acids – both as dietary supplements or by means of accelerated consumption of nutritious meals, similar to fish, nuts and leafy greens helps to fortify your skin’s elasticity.

Hair Care

Like your skin, your hair also can also get dry and frizzy during winters. Flyaway hair and cut up ends are by and large acknowledged from the lack of humidity. A few pointers could help you take care of your crowning glory.

Regular Oiling

Moisturising your hair is a must in winters. It will help keep watch over the blood circulation and hold your scalp moisturized. You could choose from a range of oils like coconut oil, almond oil, Vitamin- e enriched oil etc. Coconut oil is preferred by many as it is loaded with vitamin E, helps control dandruff, contains lauric acid and coats the hair shaft with proteins to build strength, repair damage, and improve shine.

Mild shampoos

Considering that one does not sweat a lot in wintry weather, you needn’t shampoo too customarily as time-honored hair washes may dry out the scalp and hair. Use a slight shampoo and lukewarm water as very hot water will also be damaging to your hair and scalp. And don’t disregard the conditioner. If you want to go usual, coconut milk is an first-class conditioner.

Style wisely

There are hair styling instruments that use the heating techniques like hair dryers, flat irons, curl irons. These can effect hair adversely especially during winters. If you have to use the hair dryer, use the cool setting of the dryer which may take longer to dry but will retain the moisture.

Salon treatments

A regular hair- cut is advisable as it keeps split ends at bay and a good cut helps to style hair properly. You can also go for a good protein treatment which will help your hair’s texture and beauty.

Regular exercises

Regular work- outs not only make you feel great, but also help to remove toxins from your system and give your hair a healthy bounce and shine. Also, get into the habit of drinking eight full glasses of water daily to keep you hydrated internally. The change will be noticed in your outer appearance for sure.

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